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About Me

I am a professional violin maker and repairman with over 37 years experience in the retail market of sales, repairs, appraising, and the making of bowed string instruments. I graduated from the Chicago School of Violin Making in 1980 under the teachings of Master Violin Maker Tschu Ho Lee.  I have made 165 instruments (violins, violas, cello's, bass, viola d'amore and viola da gamba) and my instruments are played by professional and amateur players throughout the US.  I have also taught approximately 20 individuals how to make instruments with 5 having gone into the profession.  I have been a violinist since 1968 and have played with semi-professional and amateur organizations and have performed in many venues in the Eastern US.  

In 2007, for health reasons, I needed to retire from the business after becoming severely ill with CFS/ME which made it impossible to run a business. I decided to build a web site to continue to offer my assistance to people that needed, unbiased by financial reasons, information on violins.  Even though I couldn't run a business anymore, I could provide this small service as it only required very limited activity. For 10 years I have offered this free assistance..  

Due to my continuing Cognitive and Neurological deterioration from an illness that has effected my brain, heart, sleep patterns and many other things, I am no longer able to continue to offer consultation's on issues of identification and valuation of instruments. My trade instrument page may help to resolve some identification issues with a huge number of instruments.  

As always, I recommend taking any instrument needing evaluation to a violin shop so that it can be seen in person.  I have enjoyed helping people with this information for many years, at no cost, as I believe there should be an open dialog. I hope the information that I still have on this site is useful.

 My Education and Employment

  • 1973-1974 - Willis Gault School of Violin Making - Washington DC
  • 1973-2000 - Orchestra Pit Performer in DC, Chicago and Maryland                  
  • 1973-1975 - Concertmaster for MCYO Chamber Orchestra - Maryland                  
  • 1973-1979 - First Violinist (Trio and Quartet) with Bethesda players - Maryland
  • 1973-1985 - JCC Orchestra - Maryland                                                            
  • 1974-1976 - Instrumental Teacher at the Concord School - Maryland                              
  • 1975-1976 - First chair seconds with MCYO Symphony Orchestra - Maryland    
  • 1976-1977 - Concertmaster - Frostburg University Orchestra - Maryland
  • 1977-1983 - String Repair Specialist with Washington Music Center - Maryland
  • 1977-1979 - University of Chicago Orchestra - Chicago
  • 1977-1980 - String Repair Specialist with Quinlan and Fabish Music - Chicago
  • 1978-1980 - Violin Repair Specialist for William Harris Lee & Co. - Chicago
  • 1978-1980 - Assistant Teacher at the Chicago School of Violin Making - Chicago
  • 1977-1980 - Chicago School of Violin Making - Chicago                                                  
  • 1981-2007 - Owner of Lashof Violins - Maryland
  • 1981-2007 - Technical Director at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater - Maryland Resume
  • 1983-1988 - Primary Repair Specialist - Weavers Violin Shop - Maryland
  • 1993-1995 - Private Violin Teacher - Maryland  


  • 2008 - Chester Petranek Award for outstanding community service in enriching the  musical life of the Washington Metropolitan Area                        
  • 2004 - Mr. Holland’s Opus Service Award for dedication to helping others     
  • 2003 - American String Teachers Association Certificate of Appreciation      




About This Web Site

This Web Page is for Information regarding Violins, Violas and Cello's, their Making, Repair, and General Information without any bias to sell you anything. 

I have included a section under instrument care that has repair prices from my former business; this is only to be used as a reference as many shops will have different and possibly higher prices. I will also probably forget to update this when those prices rise.

There are many web sites out there with information on violins, some are good and many are full of misleading (often intentionally) information provided by dealers and internet sites that just promote their own products. Any outside links that are provided on my site are for informational purposes only and I am not connected to them in any monetary way, nor do I necessarily recommend/endorse their services or products. You will never see any instrument or accessory, of any kind, for sale on this site. 

With a project of this size there will be a few things that will be opinion-based, like string sound and rosin characteristics and instrument brand comments.   These opinions are offered for guidance, but your personal experience may be different because these products will produce differing results on different instruments with different players. For the most part, I have tried to avoid speculation, opting for fact and industry wide opinions by professionals in the field. Statements, on quality of a specific product, that are made by those selling that product should always be looked at with speculation. 

I hope that these pages can be helpful.

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Useful Links


         Links that are provided below are listed as they have some great information, I am not connected to them in any monetary way nor do I specifically recommend their services.

Violin Society of America - Violin Makers Society, but anyone can join

American String Teachers Association (ASTA) - professional assocoation of string teachers

Chicago School of Violin Making - one of three professional violin making schools in the US, this is where I learned the craft

North Bennet Street School of Violin Making  - Boston

Violin Making School of America - Salt Lake City 

American Federation of Bow and Violin Makers

Good & Free Online Violin Making Manual - Too abbreviated for the novice  

Robert Cauer Violins Web Site - Lots of great Information

Detailed Colored String Chart       Another type of String Identifier

A Guide to Choosing Strings - Your first stop should be the violin store as two violins of the same brand will sound different with the same strings. 

Summer Music Programs - Worldwide guide to summer programs

Free Classical Sheet Music Download 

Free Sheet Music - free is only legal if it is not under Copywrite

Printable Scales  - one, two and three-octave scales

The Violin Channel - Lots of information on current events in the violin world

Find a teacher - online or local -  I always recommend local first as it is best that the teacher has a hands-on approach. 

Violin and Repair for the Novice - notes from the bench. 

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