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David Lashof - Theater Resume


   I have been involved in musical theater since  the early 1970's having been involved with over 80 different productions, 6 of which were award winning productions.  For 25 years, as a City of Rockville Maryland employee, I was Technical Director for the F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater. I oversaw all of the technical needs for hundreds of productions that used the facility, including groups that performed the Nutcracker, Indian Dance groups, Summerstock Youth Musicals, professional orchestras, John Walsh-Americas Most Wanted, and many others.

These are productions that I am able to identify as to date. 

By Company

1981-2006 – (50 shows) Set, Set Design, Sound, Sound Design, Master Carpenter, Technical Director, Violinist, Music Director, Stage ManagerRockville Musical Theatre

1981 – Master Carpenter – Wildwood Summer Theatre – Rockville MD

1978-1980 – (6 shows) Set Design, Sound, Master Carpenter, Music Director, Producer - The Musical Theatre of Chicago – Chicago IL

1977-1980 – (4 show) Violin, Stage Manager, Set Construction- The Gilbert and Sullivan Opera Company of Hyde Park – Chicago IL

1973-1976 – (7 shows) Violin - Walter Johnson HS – Bethesda MD

1973-1974 -  (3 shows) Violin – The British Embassy Players - Washington D.C.

Several other theater groups such as Rockville Little Theater, Victoria Lyric Opera Company  

By Show

2006 – The Full Monty – Technical Advisor, Set Design, Sound Design, Scenic Artist

2006 – South Pacific – Technical Advisor, Sound Design

2005 - Honk – Sound Design, Set Design, Master Carpenter, Scenic Artist

2005 - Pippin – Set Design, Master Carpenter, Sound

2004 - Ragtime – Set Design, Master Carpenter, Sound Design, Scenic Artist

2004 - High Society – Set construction

2003 - Li'l Abner – Sound Design, Set construction

2003 - Jesus Christ Superstar – Set Design, Sound Design, Master Carpenter

2002 - Will Rogers Follies – Master Carpenter, Master Electrician for special effects, Sound Design

2002 - Anything Goes – Set Design, Master Carpenter, Sound Design

2001 - Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat – Light Design, TD, Set Design, Master Carpenter, Sound

2001 - Big – Set Design, Master Carpenter, Master Electrician for special effects, running crew

2000 - Victor/Victoria (Ruby Griffith Award - Best Musical) – Set Design, Master Carpenter, Stage Manager

2000 - A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum – Set construction, technical advisor

1999 - My Fair Lady   (Ruby Griffith Award - runner-up) – Master Carpenter, Sound

1999 - Man of La Mancha – Master Carpenter, Ass. Stage Manager, Special Effects, running crew

1999 - RMT Silver Jubilee – Technical Director, Stage Manager, Special Effects, running crew

1998 - Meet Me in St. Louis – (Ruby Griffith Award 2nd Runner Up) Master Carpenter, Special Effects, running crew, Sound

1998 - Once Upon a Mattress – Set construction, Special Effects, running crew

1997 - CHESS – Technical Director, Master Carpenter, Sound, running crew

1997 - Annie Get Your Gun – Master Carpenter, Design Consultant, running crew

1996 - On the Twentieth Century – TD, Set Design, Master Carpenter, Sound Design

1996 - Mame – Master Carpenter

1995 - Grand Hotel (Ruby Griffith Award - Best Musical) – Sound Design, Master Carpenter, running crew

1995 - Pajama Game – Sound Design, Set construction

1994 - City of Angels – Set construction, technical advisor

1994 - Guys and Dolls – TD, Set Design, Master Carpenter, Sound Design

1993 - Into the Woods – Set Construction, running crew

1993 - Gypsy – Set Construction

1992 - Evita – Master Carpenter, Stage Manager, Technical Director

1992 - No No Nanette – Master Carpenter, running crew

1991 - Show Boat – Master Carpenter

1991 - Sweeney Todd (Ruby Griffith Award - Best Musical) TD, Set Design, Master Carpenter, Stage Manager

1990 - Cabaret – Set construction, running crew

1990 - 42nd Street – Master Carpenter, ASM

1989 - Camelot – Set construction, running crew, sound

1989 - The Wiz – Sound

1988 - Oklahoma – (Ruby Griffith Award 3rd Runner Up) running crew, Master Carpenter

1988 - Hello Dolly – Set construction, running crew

1987 - A Chorus Line (Ruby Griffith Award -1st runner-up) TD, Master Carpenter

1987 - Annie – Set construction, Assistant Musical Director

1986 - The Sound of Music – Music Director, Set construction, Sound

1986   Sweet Charity – Running crew, Master Carpenter

1985 - A Little Night Music – Set construction, running crew

1985   The Robber Bridegroom – Running crew

1984 - Kismet – Technical Director, Master Carpenter, Sound Design

1984 - Chicago – Running crew, Master Carpenter

1983 - Follies – Master Carpenter, Sound Design

1983 - Jesus Christ Superstar – running crew, Sound Design, Master Carpenter

1982 - Damn Yankees – Set Design, Master Carpenter, Technical Director

1982 - West Side Story – Master Carpenter, running crew

1981 - Carousel – Set construction

1980 - South Pacific – Music Director, set construction

1980 - Amahl and the Night Visitors – Assistant Music Director, set construction

1979 - Rudygore – Master Carpenter

1979 - Pirates of Penzance – Set Design, Master Carpenter, Sound

1979 - New Moon – Set Design, Master Carpenter

1978 - Guys and Dolls - Master Carpenter, sound

1978 - The Mikado – Carpenter, sound

1977 - Beggars Opera – Stage manager

1977 - Yeoman of the Guard - violinist

1976 – Irene - violinist

1976 - A Very Grand Duchess - violinist

1975 - Pajama Game - violinist

1975 - The Merry Widow - violinist

1974 – Die Fliedermouse - violinist

1974 - Bye Bye Birdie- violinist

1973 – Kiss Me Kate - violinist

1973 - HMS Pinafore - violinist

1973 - Trial by Jury - violinist

1973 - Oklahoma - violinist

1972 -The Mikado - violinist



Ragtime  - Potomac Stages Review - October 2005

  Set Design, Master Carpenter, Sound Design, Technical Director

 “The company finesses the strained resources of today’s community theater nicely with regard to design. The set is thoroughly functional and the sense of time, place and atmosphere enhanced by well presented projections.”

Jesus Christ Superstar July 2003 - Ruby Griffith Award Review

   Set Design, Master Carpenter, Sound Design, Technical Director

“The set was very creative. Given the demands of a show that has multiple scenes and locations, the flexibility and imagination afforded by the scaffolding concept designed by David Lashof was extremely effective.  The scaffolding set piece on wheels was excellent as used in the Herod scene.” 

Big – July 2001 - Ruby Griffith Award Review

   Set Design, Master Carpenter, Stage Manager 

“The set and set pieces were imaginative, well designed and well constructed.  The set met the highest “professional’ standards; it was beautiful. Congratulations are in order for David Lashof.  The two homes were lovely, giving action on dual levels — a good use of space. The Toy Store was magnificent with lovely colors. The office was excellent with those fine stairways. The overall concept for most of the scenes gave multiple levels, good depth and texture. The set pieces were nicely done, particularly Zoltan’s booth. …Lighting was well designed with colors adding to the action and beauty of the set. The lighting designer closely coordinated with the set design as evidenced by the nicely flashing lights on the Toy Store set.” …Actually the lighting effect in the toy store was built into the set design and controlled not by the lighting personnel but by the keyboardist in the orchestra as they played the number with special sensors built under the keys of a dedicated keyboard to match the “keys that the actor danced on….

Victor Victoria - October 2000 Ruby Griffith Award for Best Musical

  Stage Manager, Set Design, Master Carpenter, Technical Director

“The set (design by David Lashof) was outstanding. Construction was flawless and set changes were smooth and quiet. The hotel bedrooms were a bit tight for space, but the actors negotiated them perfectly. All props were correctly chosen and well-handled.” “Wonderful old piano.”

…Actually I built both pianos and the reviewer thought they were real

On the Twentieth Century - October 1996 - Montgomery Journal Review

   Set Design, Master Carpenter, Technical Director

“Set changes from the exterior to the interior of the train are impressive; David Lashof designed and built the set.”

Guys and Dolls - July 1994 
    Set Design, Master Carpenter, Sound Design, Technical Director               
“The curtain opens, and the audience is treated to an impressive, 
black-light vision of the Great White Way, a real triumph for set 
designer David Lashof.” Washington Sentinel 
“…ingenious set designs…the curtain rises, and David Lashof’s 
fluorescent backdrop (enhanced by black light) earns applause”     
Susan Berlin - Montgomery County Gazette
“Set Designer David Lashof has constructed an electrifying NYC skyline.”
Margaret Daneberg - Washington Almanac

Sweeney Todd - 1991 Summer   Ruby Griffith Award - Best Musical

    Set Design, Master Carpenter, Technical Director, Stage Manager

            “Perhaps the most professional thing about the production is the multi level set, complete with red hot smoking oven”

 - Yvonne French

            “The greatest technical challenge for a community theatre group producing Sweeny Todd on a limited budget is constructing an appropriate set. The script demands it be multilevel and have a second story room for the infamous barber chair – built with collapsible seat so Todd can deposit his victims in the chute that carries them to Mrs. Lovett’s waiting oven. David Lashof, who has been designing sets for the Rockville Theatre for 10 years, met the challenge. On opening night the audience cheered every time Todd dispatched another victim through the chute”     Barbara Gross - The Washington Post